Friends of Dore and Totley Station(FoDaTS)
Proposed New Canopy
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Proposed New Canopy

Shelter_300FoDaTS have submitted an application to Northern Rail for a new canopy at the station.  For many years the shelter at the station has been inadequate for the number of passengers.   Currently the only shelter on the platform is a small shelter with seating for approx 6 people and standing room for a few additional passengers.  In the morning rush up to 100 people can be waiting for the trains to Sheffield and Manchester.

Northern Rail, who manage the station, have produced a design for the canopy. The canopy will be on the platform at the back of the old station building which is now the Rajdhani restaurant.

FoDaTS are wanting some opinions on whether people think the design is suitable for the station or do you have suggestions for improving the design.  Please send your comments to a committee member.


Canopy Architectural Designs

Northern_Dore Totley presentation doc_001_750

Architectural drawings of the proposed canopy.

Northern_Dore Totley presentation doc_002_750
What the current design would look like in situ.


Northern_Dore Totley presentation doc_003_750
Another view of the design showing the heating and lighting.