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Various Statistics on Rail Services To and From Dore and Totley station

Passenger Numbers

Passenger Numbers 1997-98 to 2016-17.
Estimated number of passengers who travelled to and from D&T station.  The figures are annual estimated passenger numbers based upon ticket sales i.e. tickets which mention D&T as start or destination station together with a proportion of tickets which are non station specific e.g. SYPTE TicketMaster and Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets. Figures extracted from the Office of Rail Regulation who are an
independent regulator, accountable through Parliament and the courts.  They produce annual estimates for all stations within Great Britain. (No figures for 2003-04.) Over the years the methods used for making the estimates have changed so may not be true year to year comparisons.

Rail passenger numbers and crowding on weekdays in major cities: 2015

Department for Transport report on the passenger numbers and overcrowding on the railways in the am and pm peak in major England and Wales cities.  The latest report is for 2015.

Page 6 shows the am and pm peaks for the ten largest cities (including Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and Manchester) and for the main London stations.

Pages 23, 26, 28 and 29 show Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield detailed breakdown by Operator and by hour.

Reliability and Right Time statistics

Quarterly Reliability and Right Time Train statistics for Dore and Totley station.  A train for each of the three train operators in the morning peak from Dore and Totley to Manchester Piccadilly and to Sheffield have been produced.  Percentage of trains arriving within 1 minute (Right Time), 15 minutes (Reliability) and 60 minutes have been produced.

Similar figures for the return journey in the afternoon peak have also been produced.  For the Sheffield to D&T afternoon peak only Northern provide a train service.

Information obtained from My Train Journey which was provided by the Rail Delivery Group.   The site provides queries over the last year for journeys between any two stations for any train for periods of one day to a year e.g. 07:39 from D&T to Manchester Piccadilly for July 2016.

Rail Passenger Satisfaction Survey

Each year Transport Focus carry out a National Rail Passenger Survey where they consult more than 50,000 passengers across all the operators and routes.

For each operator they produce key results in the following areas:-

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Value for money
  • Overall satisfaction with the station
  • Punctuality, reliability
  • Room to sit or stand
  • How well delays were dealt with

For each operator they drill down into 35 areas such as Ticket Buying facilities, cleanliness, frequency of trains on that route, provision of shelter facilities etc.

They produce a number of reports and ways of accessing the results.  Here are some:-

Rail Facts for 2016

Rail trends factsheet for 2016 provides an overview of key statistics on national rail in Great Britain.
Rail passengers factsheet for 2016 describes the passengers who use national rail services.

The information covers rail passengers in Great Britain. These statistics relate to the national rail network, so do not include underground, light rail and tram systems.  See Rail 2016 Factsheets.

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