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April 2018. The FoDaTS AGM will be held on Tuesday 17th April at 7:50p.m. in Totley Library.

AGM notice2018_pagenumber.001

Dore_View5_Year_1_750NFebruary 2018.  Dore and Totley to get a second platform.  The DfT have announced that they have approved the Inspectors report for the Hope Valley Capacity Scheme.  Locally this will provide two tracks through Dore and Totley for the Hope Valley line to Manchester.  A second platform will be provided and the platforms will be lengthened.  The single track between the Hope Valley line and the Midland Mainline known as the Dore curve, used mainly by freight trains, will be made longer.

The scheme will allow more frequent and more reliable services between Sheffield and Manchester on the Hope Valley line. For further details see the Hope Valley Capacity scheme page.

Passenger_Numbers_2016_300December 2017.  Latest rail passenger numbers have been produced by the Office Of Rail and Road for the 2016/17 year.  Have a look at the growth in the passenger usage at Dore and Totley.


Dec_2017_Timetable_Cover_Crop_300November 2017.  There will be a new timetable from 10th Dec 2017 which runs until the 19th May 2018.  The main changes from the previous timetable are:-

  • extra early morning train calling at Dore and Totley on Monday to Saturdays starting at Doncaster and going to Manchester Airport.  Leaving Dore and Totley at 06:09 on Monday to Fridays and 06:15 on Saturdays.
  • Northern Sunday service between Sheffield and Manchester Piccadilly will be hourly rather than two hourly in the previous timetable.  The hourly service will be between 09:22 and 19:22 in the Manchester direction and 08:58 to 18:52 in the Sheffield direction.  There are also evening services although these are less frequent.
  • minor changes to some times mainly by the odd minute.  Please check the timetable for details.

It is expected that there will be additional services calling at Dore and Totley announced in the May 2018 timetable.

November 2017.  Northern Rail have provided an update on the new trains and on the refurbishment program of some of the existing rail stock.  It is likely that the Northern trains on the Sheffield to Manchester route will be refurbished trains.  See the Newsletter page for copies of the presentations.

November 2017.  The Acorps Community Rail Awards 2017 and the latest Acorps newsletter has been added to the Newsletter page.

October 2017.  East Midlands Consultation for the new franchise is now complete.  See some of the responses on the Newsletter page.

October 2017.  Proposed Canopy. Have you say.

Northern_Dore Totley presentation doc_003_750
FoDaTS have submitted an application for a canopy at the station.  For years the cover at the station has been inadequate.  This has been getting worse with the increasing passenger numbers.  In the morning rush hour up to 100 passengers can be waiting for trains to Manchester and Sheffield.  We are wanting views on what you think about the design.  Please see the New Canopy page for more information and illustrations.

Catering_Van_2_300pAugust 2017.  Catering at the station.  An Artisan Van is now open  Monday to Friday from 06:00 until 10.00. They serve teas, coffees, crapes, porridge, etc.  Please support Sandra if you want the facility to continue.

For those returning to Dore there are three restaurants where you can eat on the site.  These are:-

If you prefer to take the meal home with you the “The Summer House” and “Rajdhani” offer take aways which can be booked over the phone.  Check the websites for the opening hours.

Planters_7July 2017.  Dore and Totley in bloom.  Some of the D&T committee and volunteers have been busy planting plants in containers on the station platform.  This has made the platform more colourful.



July 2017.  A number of announcements have been made in the House of Commons on the services in and around Dore and Totley station.  These are:-

  • the Developments page has been updated with the HS2 route (Phase 2b) between Birmingham and Leeds which has been confirmed.  A spur off the main HS2 route to Sheffield and Leeds with a link back onto the main HS2 route north of Sheffield.  Although trains will run past D&T station there are no plans to stop at the station.
  • the Developments page has also been updated with the news that the electrification between London and Sheffield has been abandoned.  Work will progress on the electrification between London and Kettering but will not progress any further north.  Bi-modal trains will be introduced in 2022 to serve the services on the Midland Mainline.
  • the Franchises page has been undated with the news of the consultation on the next East Midland Franchise which will run until the 11th Oct 2017.  This includes the Sheffield to London and Liverpool to Norwich services.

CoffeeCupA_150February 2017. The Summerhouse will serve hot and cold drinks and food all day.  So if you have a few minutes before your train arrives and fancy a hot coffee or tasty sandwich why not drop in. They are open from 08:30 Monday to Friday and 09:00 on Saturday and Sunday.  Further details on the Summerhouse website.

December 2016. Station usage figures for 2015 to 2016 have been produced by the  Office of Rail Regulation.  Dore and Totley usage have been updated on the Stats page.

Department of Transport have published fact-sheets about rail trends and passenger usage.  Click on the Stats page to view them.

November 2016.  Additional plans for HS2 have been produced further outlining the plans for the project.  The route through South Yorkshire is still not resolved.  The preferred route is for a loop off the HS2 track south of Chesterfield to go through Chesterfield and Sheffield using the Sheffield Midland station and then rejoin the HS2 track north of Sheffield. The Secretary of State will be holding a Route Refinement Consultation which expects to conclude the discussions on the route in mid 2017. Submissions to the consultation are required by the 9th March 2017.

A HS2 map and outline plan has been included on our site.

The Developments page has been updated.

November 2016.  Hope Valley Capacity Scheme update.  The Department for Transport have reported that they have received the Inspectors report for the Hope Valley Capacity Scheme, in mid-November. This is one of a number of Transport Works Act which the department is reviewing and will issue a decision on this case as soon as they are reasonably able to do so.
Realistically, construction is very unlikely to start on schedule in May 2017, and completion for the December 2018 timetable review will probably be delayed.  Network Rail may well decide to push the project back a year, but they can not make their decisions until the DfT’s decision is made.

November 2016.  Two FoDaTS committee members attended presentations in Manchester given by Northern Rail and other bodies on the progress they have made since taking over the franchise in April 2016.  A copy of the three presentations is available on the Newsletter page.

November 2016. FoDaTS Constitution added to the Newsletter page.

August 2016.  Rail Statistics pages have been added to the site.  These cover:-

  • passenger numbers at D&T over the last 18 years
  • train reliability on the services which operate from D&T
  • passenger satisfaction surveys for the operators
  • passenger numbers and overcrowding on trains into the large cities of England and Wales.

See Stats for details.

August 2016.  All the plans, contracts and developments which may affect Dore and Totley station and the services which run through the station, are on Developments.

July 2016. Plusbike. National Rail have introduced more information for cyclists wanting to use the railways.  See the National Rail Plusbike pages for further details.

July 2016.  HS2 is a project to provide high speed trains between London, West Midlands, Leeds and Manchester.  The plan produced in 2013 proposed having a station at Meadowhall on the line up to Leeds to serve Sheffield and district.

A report produced in July 2016 considered three routes near Sheffield.  It suggested that instead of stopping at Meadowhall some of the HS2 trains would be routed via Sheffield Midland station.  The BBC reported that “The proposed route would see up to two trains per hour leave the HS2 line near to Clay Cross, in Derbyshire, and join the existing line into Sheffield before rejoining HS2 east of Grimethorpe.”  This would reduce the fastest journey times from Sheffield to London by 41 mins from 120 mins to 79 mins.
For more details see the:-

May 2016 Dore_View4_Year_1_300N- Second Platform. There are advanced Plans to provide an additional track together with a second platform and bridge to link the two platforms together at Dore and Totley(D&T) station. This is part of a larger scheme “The Hope Valley Capacity scheme” to enable quicker, more reliable and more frequent services on the Sheffield to Manchester line.

? May 2016 - A Public Enquiry into the Hope Valley Capacity Scheme ran between the 10th and 25th May 2016.

April 2016 - Franchises. Three rail franchises provide rail services which call at D&T station.  These are Northern Rail, East Midlands and TransPennine Express.  Northern and TransPennine Express franchises started on the 1st April 2016 and both companies are promising improvements in the services which they offer across there network including the services which call at Dore & Totley. See the franchises page for more details.

Engineering_Works_300Engineering Works


Northern - Sheffield to Manchester Line

TransPennine Express - Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes

East Midlands Trains- Liverpool Lime Street to Norwich

Will be updated soon

How can the website help you?

Train Departure Times and Destinations

TpExpress_To_Doncaster_300NTrain departure times for all three operators and the stations which each service stops at are shown on the Departures page.

Rail Franchises

Logosx3_300WThere are three franchises which provide train services which stop at D&T.  These are:-

  • Northern
  • TransPennine Express
  • East Midlands Trains

Northern provide the Sheffield to Manchester stopping service.  TransPennine Express provide a service from Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes.  The Liverpool Lime Street to Norwich service is provided by East Midland trains.
The Northern and Transpennine express franchises started in April 2016.  The East Midlands franchise is due for renewal in 2018.
For more information on the various franchises visit the rail franchise page.

Travel Information

Northern_Train_To_Sheffield (2)_300NInformation which users of the station may find useful is on the travel information page.   Information includes ways of getting to the station including bus and cycle facilities, ticket information, rail card and season ticket links, end to end journey planning sites e.g. walking then bus then train and bus to get you from home to your destination.  Links to Live Train Departure sites are also provided.

Dore and Totley Station History

DoreandTotleyStation_300NThere is a short history of the station covering when the station was opened, the various changes to the track formations around the station and the corresponding changes in platforms.  Also covered are the change in name, see the Station History page for more information.


FoDaTS Committee

The committee lists the current committee members and contact information.  It also explains the purpose of the committee.

Information Page

The FoDaTS and ACoRP’s newsletters are on the Newsletter page.
Also on the page are links to YouTube videos of the Sheffield to Manchester and Manchester to Sheffield train journey from the drivers cab.  These were training videos taken in 2003.

Dore and Totley Station Facilities

Station_Sign_300The station facilities page provides information on the facilities which are available at the station. This includes Park and Ride including accessible parking, cycle storage, ticket and information machines and Wifi.

Developments around the station

Park&Ride_300There are a number of developments which are in various stages of development which could affect the users of the station.  The developments include:-

  • HS2. One of the alternative routes into Sheffield is to use the Midland Mainline through D&T into Sheffield.  Map and outline plan included.
  • Rail Franchises.  Two of the franchises have recently been initiated and a third is due in the next couple of years.
  • Hope Valley Capacity Scheme
  • Northern Powerhouse initiatives
  • Midland Mainline electrification.  This is expected to be developed in the next 7 years
  • Sheffield Plan to 2034

More details can be found on the Developments page.

Rail Statistics

Passenger_Nos_300Statistics have been produced on the following areas which may of interest to users of Dore and Totley station:-

  • Passenger Numbers 1997-2016.  Year by year passenger numbers over the past 19 years
  • “Right Time” and Reliability figures for some of the weekday peak period services between Dore and Totley station and both Sheffield and Manchester Piccadilly.
  • Links to the National Rail Passenger Survey where you can see how each operator and route is rated
  • Department of Transport report on the passenger numbers and overcrowding on trains in London and the ten largest cities in England and Wales.

See the Stats page for further details

Dore and Totley Station Facilities

Station_Sign_300The station facilities page provides information on the facilities which are available at the station. This includes Park and Ride including accessible parking, cycle storage, ticket and information machines and Wifi.

Hope Valley Capacity Scheme

Dore_View4_Year_1_300NThe Hope Valley Capacity Scheme is a scheme for increasing the number, reliability and length of trains on the Hope Valley line, many of which call at D&T.  The HV Capacity page cover the proposed changes and the benefits which it will produce.  The page also links to the Public Inquiry site, held for the scheme, where all the submissions made by FoDaTS and others are available.

Visitor Information

The visitor information page provides information on facilities which visitors may like to visit near the station. This includes walks, sports facilities and industrial hamlet.